Snow. In Scotland. Indoors.

There’s an Xscape which has opened recently in a place called Braehead to the west of Glasgow and it took very little convincing for my uncle to pack my little cousin’s wellies and waterproofs in a rucksack and take us there. It’s not the cheapest day out, especially outside of term time, but we all had great fun.

Wee Lou and Stewart did sledging while I had an hour of snowboarding for £21 – thank you to Stewart for insisting on paying. The snow was pretty good and I was surprised by how empty it was, given the school holidays. I was also suprised that in one hour I only fell once.

Even with three-month gaps between sessions (the last time I boarded was in Dubai), it’s an easy hobby to pick back up. I know it sounds like a cheesy phrase, but it’s like riding a bike. Without the wheels, handlebars and plastic drinks cups shoved in the spokes to make VRRRRRRRR noises.

I also got to visit Granny A (Granny B – or Y, depending on how I code these things – will be graced with my presence tomorrow) . As usual, I was told how great it was to be seen. Either my grans have learned to act very well over the last 80+ years, or it’s genuine. As if I have any doubts! It’s strange that after roughly 20 months since my last visit, she still doesn’t seem to have changed. Mind, I’d not change her for the world anyway so that’s hardly a complaint.

Oh, and I treated myself to a 500Gb external hard drive from Argos. The only other place I looked was the Maplin catalogue and Argos undercut them by around £100 on price. Ouch. Admittedly, Maplin’s stuff looked way cooler but I need storage space, not gimmickry right now. With any luck, I can rip a few dozen DVDs onto it to watch while I’m in France.

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