Trans-Pennine Express

Wow, that’s been a busy week… and more to come!

Where have I been? Well. I left you in Manchester where Andy had been doing my ego good by letting me score goals past him, and doing my arteries bad by force-feeding me junk food for two days. The horror. From there I drove eastwards to Bradford where I met up with two of my old neighbours, Kim and Steve. Neither of these were the ones I wanted to render limbless before I left the UK.

We had a simple evening – grub courtesy of the Moonstar House from which Kim and I used to order food many eons ago. I went for my old favourite of chicken omelette with lovely crunchy peas. Top notch. And, yes, I know – “chicken omelette from a Chinese?” It’s delicious. The best I’ve ever had. So there.

Obviously, we had to follow this up with beer. We walked down to the Queens, again a local haunt when I used to live in the area. No matter how many times I go there it always seems further away then I expect it to be. It’s worth the walk, though. Never busy during the week, cold Brown Ale in the fridge and a pool table that’s always free. Chunky and Steve were waiting to see us (I’ve not seen Steve in more years than I can remember, though I did recognise him) and kindly kept buying me beer to sup.

The night ended a little later than we intended, especially as Kim had work the next day! Not the first time I know she’s come staggering home and made it into the office by 8:30 in the morning… Prior to buying the house she’s in now, Kim used to rent my spare room – for around three years!

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