Round the houses

Not a whole lot of activity on the “going places” front over the week. I’ve been bobbing up to Dundee to help Leah move loft insulation and also to house-sit while she got her interwebnet installed. On Thursday I did a quick trip round Glasgow to re-visit my two wonderful grannies, and my awesome cousin one last time before I left the country again.

My cousin’s got a Nintendo DS, which is something I’ve been considering myself if only for that brain training game thingy. I’m still tempted, but everywhere is the same price and there isn’t a bargain to be had. Quite annoying. Maybe I can pick one up in France in January. I assume they have sales.

This afternoon I have been mostly trying to decide on jackets and salopettes, courtesy of TX Maxx and cheap pricing. I’ve got a groovy green jacket with a gazillion pockets, but couldn’t find a pair of trousers I liked. Off up to the Dundee branch tomorrow. I could also do with better gloves, though I do have a pair that will suffice in the meantime.

I will likely make one last update to the blog on Sunday evening. After that, I’m not sure when I’ll be online again but seeing as I am the IT guy in France for my employers, it shouldn’t be too long!

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