Three weeks already?

Time has positively flown here and I apologise again for not being as up to date as I’d hoped. I’ve been working 14 to 16-hour days, driven to two resorts twice, configured around 40 PCs, sorted numerous laptop and desktop issues, got the office interwebnet connection going, repacked and delivered around 20 PCs… and still somehow managed to get wasted almost every night.

I was driving the minibus (handy for safely strapping unsecured monitors to seats) down the mountainside from Les Arcs the other day and a thought just slammed into me: I am going to have a great time here. It’s the people above all else. It’s like being part of a great gang where everyone helps each other out.

I’m not meant to get fed on my contract – instead I get a private flat so I don’t need to share. But the chefs have said if I’m ever hungry, just to pop by. They’ll always be able to feed me. Resort managers have said they can swing me a half or full day lift pass for their area should I find myself up there fixing a PC or whatever. I know the people who run two of the most popular bars in town and managed to get into one of them last night when they were being restrictive on entry. My boss even bought me a beer the other night to say “thank you” for the time I’m putting in. Hell, she’d virtually ordered me to take some time off when I had worked through my third straight “day off” in a row! As the office is empty for the next week or so (everyone’s off organising training), Di and Peter have invited me over for dinner one night.

I’ve been here for 3 weeks and I feel like I’ve known and worked with these people for months. It’s this kind of “you scratch my back” atmosphere that really encourages you to work hard. The chefs will all have their PCs sorted (personal and business) sharpish if there are any problems. In return I know when I’m low on cash I can get a meal. A long trip to a resort to fix a silly problem will no longer be a chore if I know that for 45 minutes’ work, I’ll get to board for 3-4 hours.

It is hard work, but I’m enjoying it.

Add to that the scenery round here. As I mentioned I drove to Les Arcs – and also La Rosiere – twice this week, and the views were just breathtaking. I drove at very different times of day and the same mountains change so much with the differing light and weather conditions.

All I’m looking forward to now is getting my rental board and having a chance to strap it on and slide down one of the slopes! Les Arcs is forecast to get a metre of snow over the weekend which could be problematic if it causes road closures. We’re expecting 700 staff to get there for training on Sunday! I’m also supposed to be based there as I deliver and set up most of the remaining PCs. Little point in heading there if I’m going to get stuck with no other work to do – especially as the lifts and hire places aren’t open yet!

I do have some photos of the area which I’ll post when I get time. Once the PCs are out in the field, I should have more spare time to work on this blog and I’ll try to find some interesting things to pop up on here. Chamonix really is a beautiful place and I’m happy I’ve landed here for the season.

It’s pushing midnight now and I want to get this posted before we roll over into another month!

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