Happy birthday to me

This time last year I was with Hans in Delhi. Time flies, doesn’t it? Another year older, another year less wise, but I’m happier this year than I was last for reasons many of you will know.

The last few days have been – you guessed it – hectic. I’ve been round six resorts, including the amazing new hotel at Belle Plagnes. Still a bit of a building site, but you can see what it’ll look like and it’s way posh. As far as I could tell, there are no “rooms”, only suites. They all have large LCD tellies, DVDs, wired and wireless internet… There’s a pool, a relaxation room, saunas, a masseuse and great access to the snowy areas. Shame it’s out of my budget!

So I’ve done another few hundred km’s, met up with some more great staff, had a couple of decent nights out (on the cheap) and stressed my remaining hair out over various PC problems. Then I got back to the office to find that someone had used the network lead from my PC to get online when there are two perfectly serviceable cables next to it.

End result – I have to check all the PCs in the office for antivirus updates as my PC is the antivirus server and hasn’t been able to download or distribute files for two days. I think I know who did it, and I think they’re rather high up in the company. So I can’t kick their arse for it. Grr.

Well, it’s 20:40 so I’m off out to convince people that, at 34, I’m a charity case and they should buy me beer. Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a fun and cheap night out with loads of free drinks to celibrate it! Can’t believe a year has past… and what a year it was. For you the travelling has just ended (a well, your job sounds fun as well, and includes travelling ;)and working life has just begun again (but not a boring job that is…) Cheers, enjoy Chamonix and all its surroundings, and see you in march on the slopes!

    Big hug, Esther

  2. Evil people buying me Jagermeister and other bizarre shots… Quite a quiet night drinkwise compared to others I have had, but I think it was sensible!

    And the travelling’s not ended… it’s just taking a break. I’m planning on going back to SE Asia next summer.

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