Today I have been mostly…

…snowboarding! I managed to wangle a free pass and kit hire for Tignes and Val d’Isere courtesy of Chris, one of the regional managers. Who, incidentally, rocks. And who I now owe beer to.

I spent the day by myself as the rest of the group I was with were all skiers and therefore tootled off to do their own thing as they cannot, as a race, be trusted. Yeah, I know – painting an entire section of the population with one brush but I do still find that skiers are the most rude, ignorant and arrogant people on the slopes.

Like the ones who cut past me today, clipping my board. It happens. No big deal. Only he then proceeds to plough to a halt right in front of me meaning I had to swerve like hell to avoid him. Now, I know the rule of the mountain – it’s simple. The person higher up has to give way to the person further down as they have visibility. Only this skier had just gone past me, knew where I was heading and just stopped there deliberately.

Bloody skiers. I was tempted to just wipe him out, but I’m too polite.

Other than that, a good day and a reminder that I need practise. My weak leg (my right) aches as I was putting too much pressure on it. I should be putting the weight on my leading (left) one. That’s a major thing I need to address this season.

Lunch was pricey, which was a shame, but seeing as everything else cost me nothing I can’t complain. I picked up a “Menu Bazoom” from a kiosk near the shops for 10 Euros (around £7) which consisted of a very good burger, a generous amount of chips and a soft drink. Expensive for fast food, but at least the quality was top notch.

Apres-ski consisted of driving back to Chamonix as I had to collect more kit and check my email for the first time in 4 days. I managed to sort out a PC in Saas Fee on the phone after getting back. Some muppet had changed the passwords at the end of last season and not told anyone what they were. Thankfully XP has a back door to get in so I could step someone through resetting them. This is why I am password-locking all the machines I can get my hands on…

So here I sit, in the office instead of in the pub watching us being humiliated by Arsenal. At the time of writing it’s 0-1 to the visitors and I’m about 1/4 of the way through my email. And I need dinner.

I do have a fair few pics to put up as well, but simply don’t have the time. Hopefully once I’m back in Cham full time I’ll get them posted!

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