2 years and counting…

Yes, folks. Two years since I left Blighty on that fateful day in 2006 and I’ve spent it in a somewhat different manner than last year’s anniversary. Then I was in Oz, piling on the kilometres from Sydney to Byron Bay. Today I was mainly sat in an office repairing my desktop PC that blew a gasket (well, a hard drive) the other evening.

It’s kind of strange to be writing about continuing my travels as the focus of work today was on thigns coming to an end. Some resorts have their last guests flying home in around 5 weeks. We had a major End of Season meeting in Chamonix, with managers from all the resorts being told the procedures with regards to closedown. I had to tell people that we want all our PCs back, which took all of five minutes. It’s going to be a lot more slog once they turn up and I have to strip them all down and install new configurations in readiness for next season.

Catching up with all the staff I originally met during the training weeks was a blast, though. And the staff at the Sapiniére put on a great buffet lunch. Seven hours later and I think I’ve about digested all the cake I ate.

This is hardly as exciting as hitching 1000km up the coast of Oz, I admit! Still, who knows what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be in another 12 months. Travel plans past September are still hazy, though the ones for Europe in Spring are already changing as I’ve realised I simply won’t have the time to do the things I was hoping to. I think I’ll have to drop Belarus and Warsaw, and forget about a long trip through Scandinavia back to Frankfurt. Ah well. Another time!

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