Restaurant recommendation

Naan from IndiaJust a quickie today. Liam and John kindly treated me to a curry at the Annapurna curry house at the tail end of the main street last night. We had to wait for a seat (any excuse to pop down to The Pub for a swift half) but it was worth it. Run and staffed by Indians, or perhaps Bangladeshis, means that the food is authentic and well-cooked. The one white member of staff was a young lad who spoke excellent English, but who didn’t know too much about the menu! Not a complaint as it was quite amusing.

John ordered a stuffed naan and when it arrived he happened to mention he realised we’d never asked what it was stuffed with. “Whatever we have kicking around in the kitchen” was the reply.

“Who ordered rice?” was the next one. Well, all three of us had. Different types. “This one’s… erm… white”, which narrowed it down a bit.

Again, not a complaint as it was pretty amusing. We all got what we ordered, the food was delicious (although I still rate the place I went to in Krakow as the best curry house ever) and the service quick. John was very impressed with the bottle of red he selected (and drank unaided), though I was marginally disappointed at them being out of Kingfisher. I guess I’ll just have to go back another time.

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