So empty it echoes

OK, not quite, but Chamonix is definitely becoming much, much quieter now the majority of the season is over. The lifts at Brévent are still open, but I believe they close this weekend. Walking down the street it’s amazing to think that only a week ago I saw some traditional dance outside L’M and a “battle of the bands” or something on the main square. Both were drawing decent crowds.

Now… nothing. Sheridan had dinner in a restaurant last night and there were only two other people in there. When I went out with Leah less than two weeks ago, the place we went was around three-quarters full.

The weather’s lovely just now and we’ve waved goodbye to the hosting staff from the hotel. There will be more coming in for the summer term shortly, mainly from the other resorts – more of which close down this weekend. From what I’ve heard, Chamonix is a superb summer holiday place as well. Certainly, the lack of snow’s not affected how attractive it is. The surrounding mountains are now very much “snow-capped” rather than “snow-covered” and look amazing with the blue sky behind them.

Still, I have four weeks left to enjoy them. Fingers crossed I can zip off a day or two early and make it to Liége in Belgium for the weekend of the 23rd May. It’ll be nice to catch up with the folk there.

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