He’s coming home…

My flight home - marked in the calendarMy flight back to the UK is officially booked. Friday next week, the 23rd, I’ll be on the easyJet flight from Geneva to Edinburgh, and then enjoying the wonderful public transportation we are blessed with in the UK. Unless some kind person wants to brave the roads and give me a lift!

This won’t be my first visit home within the next week and a half, though. On Friday this week (16th) I’ll be flying into Bristol as I have an appointment in Newport to have my passport renewed same-day. It’s got about 7 years left on it, but only one blank page. As my travel plans involve returning to SE Asia later this year, I’ll need more than the one page for visas. I’m hoping to catchup with a few people in Bristol and Cardiff while I’m over there including Talia, Anni (both last seen at Download last year), Indy, Lisa and their two nippers (last seen in Auckland some months ago, except little Carys who was born a couple of days after I returned home from The Walk), and perhaps also Rik and Joe.

I just twigged something as well. For the first time in ages, the FA Cup Final will be at Wembley, not in Cardiff as it has been for the last few years.  So the city shouldn’t be heaving. Ah, only Cardiff are in the final this year… So the city’s either going to be dead or in absolute uproar if they get one over Pompey. I’m actually hoping for the Canaries to take it. Always one for supporting the underdog.

I gather that the weather’s due to take a downturn by the weekend. Sorry about that. Blame me. Judging by the torrential, though brief, downpour we just had here – I’ll be bringing the weather with me!

All in all a busy couple of days. I already have plans for what happens once I get back home. And they don’t involve staying for very long! Updates on those details soon.

2 thoughts on “He’s coming home…

  1. And pretty typical given that I’d taken my jacket with me. Rained in Chamonix all weekend though.


    And that 4 hours in Newport whizzed by. Barely felt like a week.

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