Last meal

Yup, had my last dinner in the Chamonix flat – El Paso Enchiladas. And darn good they were, too. The trick is, when you fold them, “stick” them shut with extra-hot salsa and a scattering of grated cheese before you pop them back in the oven. Yum.  Accompanied by my last bottle of out-of-date Newcastle Brown Ale.

All good things, etc., etc.  I’m going to miss the scenery more than anything else, I think. I’ve probably mentioned already, but there hasn’t been a single morning where I’ve not woken and looked at the mountains. Then left for the office and looked at the mountains. And popped out for lunch and… you get the idea.

I’ve already packed and made use of about every packing tip I’ve ever posted on here. I hope my rucksack’s under the limit – I don’t think it can hold more than 20kgs anyway. My pockets are laden with batteries, adaptors and other stuff that wouldn’t quite fit in anywhere else. I’ll be wearing one jumper with another tied round my waist, gloves shoved in the pockets and at least one cap on my head. And possibly my boarding goggles as well. Better that than having them crushed.

The only things left in the flat that belong to me are one pain chocolate (for supper), a squish of toothpaste, my toothbrush (to be thrown out in the morning, I need a new one) and the book I’m reading. Everything else is luggage’d up and in the office awaiting transportation to Geneva in the morning.

One more night…

2 thoughts on “Last meal

  1. wow, time has goon so quickly! Can’t believe your leaving… and yes, the scenery is lovely over there. A well, you have another great trip ahead of you, so enjoy and hopefully meet you somewhere along the way 🙂

  2. Certainly hope to catch up again. I *may* be swinging through Amsterdam in late June… depends on flights etc from Finland, but we’ll see!

    Just realised – I’ve been here almost 6 1/2 months!

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