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A couple of flights are now booked, as are some activities (kinda). Don’t forget that you can always keep up to date with my plans via my Google Calendar. The link’s to the right under the page-by-page calendar.On Saturday 7th June, I fly from Glasgow Prestwick to Cork, Eire. This will be my second trip to the Republic, and the first where I’ll get a chance to see more than an airport, a hotel, a hospital (don’t panic – I was working there) and the inside of a taxi. Joleen, who I met in Thailand many, many months ago, has very kindly offered to show me around as part of her job as a photographer for the local paper. An opportunity I couldn’t pass up as this entails her visiting all the most scenic spots in her area.

I’ll be there for just over a week before getting a late flight to Stansted, sleeping on their lovely shiny concrete floors and transferring to a flight bound for Tallinn, Estonia.The aim’s to spend maybe 2-3 days there before getting the ferry over to Helsinki, weighed down with cheap booze for the Juhannus party up in Rovaniemi. Not sure how I’m getting there, though. Hopefully sharing a car or just hitching.

After that weekend, I’ll be making my way to Brussels. This bit’s kind of vague, but I need to meet Hans there on the 26th for a couple of beers before we journey north to Desel for the Graspop festival. If I have time and people are available I may try to go through Amsterdam and Liege on the way to Brussels.

I’m booked on another Stansted flight after Graspop, this one from Eindhoven. Hopefully once in the UK I’ll get to catch up with a couple more folk in Cambridge and London before boarding a flight to Bangkok on or around July 4th.

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  1. I finally figured out the Eurolines site for Germany. Current plan is to spend a night in Frankfurt then get a bus at 530AM or something the next day and pull into Brussels around noon June 25. Bus is about half the price of the train too.

  2. Cool. I’ll stick to the plan above and aim to get down to Brussels on the 26th. Need to book the free train tickets for the Friday. If anything goes “wrong”, I’ll just aim for Eindhoven and get the coach in from there. It’s paid for anyway.

  3. Nice. Let me know when you book your train ticket I have no idea where we’ll start and where we’ll finish. In other local news I’m happy I was able to tour Europe before the Euro came in. I don’t know how people can afford to pay 20-25 euros a night for a bed plus eating and doing stuff.

  4. Train will be from Bruxelles Nord to MOL. There’s a free shuttle bus from there to Desel every few minutes.

    As for the Euro, you’re quite right. I’ve not met a single person on my travels who’s said they were better off with the change. Amsterdam, in particular, rocketted in price with the Euro coming in. The Spanish resorts doubled in price overnight, France got more expensive… Everyone I spoke to is worse off.

    As are we in the UK now, with the dip the pound took in December.

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