Well, today has been spent mainly updating the blog – in more ways that one. As well as adding a handful of posts and a load of pictures, I’ve updated WordPress to the latest version. Hopefully you should notice no changes (apart from the addition of tags at the top of each post and hopefully a slight speed increase).

However, if you spot anything that doesn’t seem “right” or is broken since your last visit, please do let me know as soon as possible so that I can fix it.

Thanks 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Thanks, Blazing. Just installed Ubuntu on my laptop and checked it on Firefox3.0rc2. Still not broken. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, though!

    Also happy to report that today’s had the largest number of visitors I think I’ve seen since I started checking them via WordPress – 320. Not bad 🙂

  2. hey man, linked here from the graspop forums, only a week to go, cant wait!

    i’ve looked at your site for about 30 seconds cos its late, but it seems pretty cool, definately check back later. do you just travel constantly or what?

  3. Hey, Cookie – thanks for stopping by. And to answer your question… yeah, pretty much!

    Off up to the north end of Finland on Friday for a party. On Monday I have to hitch from there to Graspop in 4 days…

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