Alive and well in Cambodia

A view of Angkor Wat temple.

I was going to post this even before I got the “Where are you? Why haven’t we heard from you in a week?” email from my dad.

We’re in Siem Reap, Cambodia and having a great time. Weather alternates between hot humidity and pouring rain. Travel’s been good, people great, food excellent, accommodation well above acceptable… and tomorrow we jump on a bus at lunchtime bound for Phnom Penh.

Full updates will be put up when I have the time. Simple fact is we’re so busy trying to cram so many things in that getting the posts up is difficult. Wireless access isn’t available where we are now and I don’t trust the machines here to put a USB stick into them with the pre-written documents on. Anti-virus software in cybercafe’s here is pretty much unheard of.

So a long-ish bus ride tomorrow, followed by 2-3 nights in the capital. Our plan after that is to jump on a boat down the Mekong for 3 days/2 nights to Ho Chi Minh city.

I’ve not left yet and I already want to come back!

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2 thoughts on “Alive and well in Cambodia

  1. That actually made me laugh out loud. I think one virus managed to sneak onto a memory stick when I was last in Cambodia. Fortunately, my natural instinct to wonder exactly *why* I had a copy of Internet Explorer on there and how on earth it was only 16k in size made me run it through AVG and blitz it.

    I used to have a very small (16Mb) memory stick with – wondrous idea – a read/write protect switch on it. I should have a dig for it again. Very useful for one-way data transfer.

    Oh, in Phnom Penh now.

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