Hoi An

Another interesting mix of the old and new -

Another quick post. We got to Hoi An in the early afternoon and – from what little we’ve seen so far – it’s stunning. A really beautiful little town with old wooden buildings and a great history. Hotel is cheap and great, but the wi-fi is a little dodgy. I’ll try to get some more posts up tomorrow afternoon/evening.

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4 thoughts on “Hoi An

  1. Thanks, Jake. I notice a lot of places have free wifi around here. The wireless here’s just not great. Even with a repeater, up in the room I’m lucky to get “Low” rather than “Very Low”. Downstairs, with a strong signal it still cuts out at times. The PCs they have are pretty nippy, though. If I get desperate I’ll take the lappy out with me! And we’ll check out the cafe as well – certainly there are a load of places to look in this wonderful little town.

  2. Europe’s pretty good for them in places, too, but Vietnam’s definitely riding high for numbers. Thailand’s not so bad but I noticed this time that a lot of people are starting to use WEP etc – same in Cambodia. I think due to the type of contracts changing (i.e. they’re capped and people don’t want strangers using their bandwidth).

    Tonight is Cao Lau night – saw a nice little open airplace on a street corner I want to try!

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