A well-earned day of chill

It wasn’t actually chilly, but I didn’t do much. An early rise to watch some telly, read a few comics and then out into the streets to check out the bus schedule for Brunei. Anthony and I grabbed a McDonald’s for lunch then went to watch Wall-e which was superb. The cinema wasn’t much cop, and they ended the film as the credits rolled so I know I’ve missed something as all the PIXAR releases have “crazy credits”.

I called Daniel, the couchsurfer who couldn’t host me as he’s moving house. Unfortunately, he already had plans for this evening so wasn’t able to meet up but if I do come back this way then I’ll definitely look him up again.

Lucky for Anthony, as we got back to the hostel the French couple were in reception booking a trip to the caves for the next day. This meant it wouldn’t cost him anywhere near as much to go as he’d originally been looking at going by himself. It seems they’ll be a day behind me as I trail through BSB to KK, so I may meet up with them again.

I’m definitely glad I booked ahead for KK as it’s the school holidays as of today. As a result, same as back home, flight prices are up and accommodation is at a premium.

No plans for tonight, now, other than some food and getting online. A shame none of the wifi signals near the hostel are strong enough to connect to! And right now I have small kittens taking it in turns to try and pierce my power cable with sharp little kitten teeth.

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