Kuching to Kapit

First of all, apologies for any mistyping as the keyboard in this cybercafe is driving me nuts. A short post as a result, but I doubt I’ll be posting for another couple of days so wanted you all to know where I am!

I buddied up with Anthony from the hostel, which is saving a few bob on hotels and taxi fares. We got the boat from Kuching to Sibu (5 hours) and from there to Kapit (3 1/2 hours) where it’s tanking down. Tomorrow, we (hopefully) get another boat, this one to Belaga where we will sort out a trek for a couple of days. Obviously, this will mean no blog posts. I reckon there’ll be a cybercafe in Belaga but you never know.

Not much to add unless you’re travelling to Kapit. Don’t go by the town map in Lonely Planet when you arrive. Work is currently ongoing on a new wharf, and it’s due to be completed in mid-2009. If you travel up from Sibu, you’ll land at a temporary wharf. It’s located directly north (or vertically up the page) from the roundabout on the left. This will help you navigate and save you walking 5 minutes away from your hotel when you land, rather than towards it…

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