Same country, different landmass

Right now I’m still on Peninsular Malaysia, in Senai International Airport awaiting my flight to Kuching in Borneo – same country, but a separate landmass and actually shared with two other nations: Indonesia and Brunei. I’m aiming to visit the latter, but not sure of the former yet – depends on visas and whether it’s cheaper and easier to fly to the Philippines once I’m done in Borneo. Please note that as I’m in Malaysia, I’m now another hour ahead than I was in Thailand.

Major thing, though, is I have to thank Mike and Ria for being such amazing hosts the last couple of days. I’ve had plenty of time to chill, some great food, an entire swimming pool to myself and internet so I’ve been able to get this blog back up to date again. Folks, really – thank you so much! Enjoy your weekend in Bangkok, and take good care of Cat!

The internet here is free, and provided by the cybercafe… which I’m sat next to in a fast food place. I just tried one of Marrybrown‘s “Hotouch” burgers, kinda hoping it was going to be like a KFC Zinger, but it was completely unspicy. Nice burger, though. And in fairness it’s “local food” as they’re a Johor Bahru-based company!

Well, I have half an hour before boarding so I’m going to check my mail and see who I can catch online. As ever, I don’t know what my internet access will be like where I end up so updates could be a few days away – at least ones with pictures.

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