Short day

After staying up till 5am chatting to some guilty parties online, I crashed out and got up around one in the afternoon. As I surfaced, the girl on reception handed me a note – it was from Nydia and Christine, the German girls I’d met in Kuching. They were in town and would meet me in the evening for some food. Excellent.

I spent the day running a couple of errands. A package was sent home with backups of my photos in – after I went to the post office, bought a box then realised I couldn’t remember the address so had to walk back to he hostel. Then back to the post office. Argh.

For those posting things from Kota Kinabalu, the staff there are really helpful. If it’s a small-ish package (less than 5kg or so), they sell boxes for a couple of Ringitt at a smal counter immediately to the left of the entrance. Take the boxed package to window number 7 where they’ll weigh it, take your cash and give you the stamps and customs slip. Fill in the usual garbage (“heroin, cocaine and three dumper trucks – Value £1.27”) on it, stick it on and hand it back in at number seven. Job done.

Postcards were also found (not an easy task, surprisingly) and will be winging their way tomorrow. Lunch was in Burger King (I really have no appetite for rice or noodles at the moment) and I sat and read a bit in the hostel. Vincent, the chap who runs the place, had sorted me out some dive class prices in Semporna. I just need to work out when I’m going.

I caught the girls at a café next door to BK, which I can’t recall the name of. A shame as I’d recommend against going there as the service was dreadful. Apparently the night before, their waiter had stood there and basically asked for a tip once they’d paid – even though the bill includes a 10% service charge. Tonight, he was just rubbish. The girls ordered a pizza and 45 minutes later there was no sign of it so we just asked for the cheque. No pizza on the bill, so we can only assume he’d completely forgotten (or not bothered) to sort it out at all.

Instead, we walked to Pizza Hut which was remarkably cheap. I’d had pizza the night before so went for a pasta dish instead.

The girls had booked diving for the next day and I decided I’d get my bum out of bed early and see if I could jump onto the same trip as them. It may be full, in which case I go back to bed. Or I might get a couple of practise dives in before I make my trip to Semporna for the Rescue Diver course. Not a bad idea as it’s almost 13 months since I was last underwater!

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