Arrival in Tanah Rata

The bus company I used was called Kurnia Bistari and the pickup was pretty much on time. There seemed a little confusion as to what seat I was in, but as the bus was barely a third full this pretty much came to nothing. Not the cleanest bus in the world (and a couple of the seats were knackered), but very spacious with about 1.5′ of legroom.

I read and slept for the 5-hour journey, including through the 30-minute rest stop about halfway through. The aircon was set to “Chill” and once dusk set in, reading was difficult until the driver put the internal lights on. The last ninety minutes reminded me of getting into the mountains in Andorra as the bus swerved and rumbled up the windy roads.

We passed through a couple of smaller towns before reaching Tanah Rata where I was met by a driver from Daniel’s Lodge. It’s not far from the bus station to anywhere in town, but a free ride is always welcome. A quick check-in and I asked where to get my dinner. Rather than recommending their own place in town, I was surprised when the receptionist suggested T-Café opposite the bus station. So off I plodded.

And I’m glad I did. The owner is a very friendly guy, and the food is superb. Probably not the cheapest place to eat, but still very reasonable. I can recommend the home-made veg soup, strawberry milkshake and strawberry scone with cream. Total cost was a shaving over two quid.

This is the first time in ages (outside of a refrigerated boat) I’ve put a jumper on as well. It’s actually… OK, not exactly cold but certainly not warm. As I write, it’s approaching midnight and I’m on the free wireless in the “movie room” which I’m sharing with a member of staff who’s asleep. And snoring like a jumbo jet with a blocked nose. The joys of WinAmp and a pair of earphones.

So great food, lots of little trips to do, free interweb and £1.65 per night accommodation. I can manage that for a night or three…

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2 thoughts on “Arrival in Tanah Rata

  1. Hi Mosher,

    remember me from Fansipan trip?
    I didnt know that you’re in Malaysia now! 😉 welcome!!! Hope you enjoy ur stay here.

    I’m now in the midst of planning our trip to Mount Merapi in Indonesia, but still now idea on how we go about it, still googling now..

    We plan to go there end Oct probably, so if you have some tips on how to get there, pls contact me.. 🙂

    Keep in touch!!!

  2. Yes, I remember you! Thanks for stopping by again. I’ve been in Malaysia around a month now and been having a great time. There’s a lot to see (as you can tell from the blog posts).

    No ideas on Indonesia, I’m afraid. I’ve still not been there!

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