Guess where I am today?

Erm, yeah. Still in Tanah Rata. I’ve decided against the Perhentian Islands as it seems the weather is taking an early turn for the worse. The weather here is apparently what it is normally like in December and out on the coast, high winds are causing huge waves. Thunderstorms are predicted by the weekend.

So not a good time to hit the beach. A shame as I’d heard the diving is very cheap although on the other hand, the accommodation’s expensive and pretty poor. Instead I’m more considering a return to KL and then a check of the trains. If there are no services north of Butterworth then I’ll fly up to Bangkok for a brief stay and then on to Vietnam. I may still look at doing my Dive Master course in Sihanoukville, too. We’ll see how the time goes.

In the meantime, just chilling here on MR50 per day and walking Rocky. All good.

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