Leavin’ KL

Puduraya in the afternoon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My bus ticket is for 15:30 – last bus of the day – so I’m sat in the KFC across the road from Puduraya Bus Station using the free wi-fi. For those of you using this station to get to/from KL, you don’t really need public transport to get between it and decent accommodation.

The bus station is right on the edge of Chinatown, which has a lot of budget hostels (the cheapest in Kuala Lumpur, I think). If you’re staying in the Golden Triangle area, as I was, then it’s roughly 20 minutes’ walk – and a very simple one at that. Just head southwest along Jalan Bukit Bintang until you reach the junction at the end. Turn right and keep going. The bus station is a huge, grey structure that looks like (and probably was) a 1970’s multi-storey car park around 300m up the road.

Buying tickets is fun. In general, prices to various destinations are the same although it can pay to shop around. Walk into the first floor and bear right or left to see a gazillion (actually, I think there are just under 100) little cubicles. Many sellers will stand at the end of a row to try and tout for your business and can be very helpful as not every cubicle sells tickets for the same destinations.

It’s all a bit chaotic, but people are generally quite polite and helpful – though obviously insistent that their’s is the best service!

For those heading to the Cameron Highlands, I could have bought a ticket to Tanah Rata from cubicles 47, 87, 88, the one opposite 88… Most charge MR30 for a VIP bus. I opted for the MR18 service from cubicle 87. As I said, I’ve not seen the bus yet but it was half the price of others. In addition, they run a bus every hour whereas most others only have three a day. I’m expecting a diddy, cramped minibus, but it’s only a 4-hour journey. I’ll manage. I hope.

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