Divemaster day 15

Another new site today. I was picked up early by Peter and driven to join Kadek and a small group for a couple of divers up at Tulamben. After they’d had breakfast, we journeyed back in the rough direction of Kuta to Amed.

It’s a similar site to Tulamben, with a rocky beach and two dive points. The first one we enjoyed was the drop off. I guided the two more experienced divers while Kadek looked after the guy with only a small amount of experience.

As with the dive that followed, we were ferried out to our entry point by a wooden boat. Our BCDs were stocked up at one end and we had to don them in the water.

There’s a lot to see on this dive, and the way the wildlife is separated is interesting. Rather than one long flowing ecosystem (visibly, at least) there are many small clusters with fish fighting territorially between them. I did spot an eel, but it shied away back into its hole as I tried to take a picture. I drifted off and looked behind me in time to see it zap out of it’s eel-hole and grab some prey.

After an hour’s beach time, we were taken out by our boatman and took the plunge into a nice, relaxing drift dive at a lower depth. Again, a lot to see including a cute yellow squid that zipped off before I could get a photo.

As lunch was served, the divers decided that two dives was enough. They were a little too tired for a third one which leaves me with just tomorrow to make the 60 dives I need for my Divemaster.

The traffic on the way back was a nightmare with it being Ramadan. It’s usually bad, but the queues as some junctions were unreal this evening.

So hopefully one day to go…

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