Jetting to Geneva

My mode of transport early on this Sunday morning was a little more comfy (little more as it was a budget flight) than Leah’s airborne jaunt the day before. She managed not to crash a training helicopter out near Aberdeen, which is always a good thing. Good for me as I’d have had to explain it to her mother. She was somewhat put out when the instructor asked her for her weight as she may have been a little too big for the dinky training ‘copter. However, she was fine – much as the chap who came after her who was so short they had to find him a booster cushion to sit on.

The next day, as usual, my dad kindly gave up a couple of hours’ sleep to drive me top Edinburgh Airport for the silly early departure. A good job I’d not opted for the Monday flight as that was two hours earlier and I don’t think he’d have been too pleased at having to get me there for 4:30am.

So just the usual at the airport and a couple of hours later I stepped out into the much warmer climes in Geneva. I was met by Maya, another Couchsurfer who was accommodating me for a night in exchange for some IT work. She’s an ex-journalist, speaks a silly number of languages and now runs a translation business.

Her home’s close to the airport so the drive was short and pleasant. Once there I dumped my stuff in my own little pavilion / chalet (with a hot tub and an infra-red sauna!) and enjoyed a cuppa. Maya’s son, Gyan, joined us for lunch and then I started hammering away at a handful of PC problems. By dinnertime I’d nailed a few and given Maya the advice she needed to (hopefully) resolve many of the rest.

Daisy, who I’d stayed with the last time I passed through Geneva, came over for dinner in the evening and we had a great time chatting about all kinds of things. As always, it’s good to catch up with people I’ve met previously on my travels and none more so than when they’re as lovely as Daisy. I’m such a creep…

The night came to a late end and I went to hunker down in my own little mini apartment. A nice little stopover on my way back to work and yet another pleasant Couchsurfing experience.

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