Update from the Alps

It’s been a few days since the last post as I’ve barely stopped working since I arrived back in Chamonix. Maya drove me to Geneva Airport on Monday morning. From there, I was picked up by Peter who I worked with last year. Along with my new boss, two new handymen and a couple more staff from last season we made our way to Albertville. There we separated out into various cars and drove these to Chamonix – airport pickup and vehicle delivery in one swoop! Last year the staff vehicles were Toyota Yaris‘s, this year they’re little Renault Clios. I preferred the Yaris, I think. They definitely had better stereos!

Once in Chamonix I don’t think I even got to drop my bags in my room until almost dinner time. Everyone had little jobs to do, and I can understand why I got a hug from Dave when he saw me. He no longer has to deal with the IT issues now that I’ve arrived! My “to do” list grows longer each day, and there’s always another little something that pops up when someone sees me.

I’m room-sharing with Robin, the head rep for Chamonix and a great guy. He’s usually only around at the weekends right now, as he’s busy helping to outfit all the other resorts. Mind, I don’t see much of the flat anyway as I’m either working or socialising with the other folk here.

The two handymen have been great company all week – Gareth’s about ten years my junior and from London, Steve’s about twenty years my senior and Welsh by birth but living in Birmingham somewhere. We’ve enjoyed the football and beer in Bar’d Up; munched the delicious criss-cross fries in the MBC while supping delicious premises-brewed beers; been fed incredibly well by Luke in the Sapiniere; and gotten hammered around town last night.

So, yes, same as last year. A great, hard-working crew and beer that’s far too expensive. The latter’s about the only bad thing. Prices here are the same as last year, but the Euro’s edged up against the pound so catching happy hour (or going to the supermarket) is the only way to drink affordably.

Posts may be a little thin on the ground as I won’t get a chance to do anything touristy during my 6-week stint. However, there’s always something happenings. And I can always just go on about how stunning the mountain view is. No pictures, I’m afraid. My camera’s off for repair back home.

Oh, and no – there’s no snow here as yet although there was a deluge about two weeks ago from what I’ve been told.

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