Ooh, that hurt

Specifically, it’s my wallet that’s now aching after I just paid for two flights, two trains and some accommodation. The main issue is the huge jump in price for air fares between Iceland and Denmark and from there to Geneva. When I re-checked only 2 weeks ago, both legs were available for around £65 each.

I just coughed up £150 for the first leg and £100 for the second. Ouch.

So lesson to be learned: if you see a cheap flight price, don’t dick about. Get it and then worry about your scheduling afterwards.

It’s partly my fault as I left it ages before I mailed some folk on Couchsurfing.com to get some accommodation. I’m staying in the HI Hostel for my first night in Reykjavik as I arrive far too late to turn up on someone’s doorstep. After that, I’ll be staying with a Mexican and a Venezualan. In Iceland. Figures.

I’ve not had any luck with accommodation in Copenhage either. It seems it’s a busy time for students to ba handing coursework in and most replies have come back “Sorry – but we’ll meet for a drink in the evening!”. Which does sound good in its own way.

I’ve updated the travel calendar with details.

The trains are from Perth down to London via Newcastle where I hope to pop into the dentist‘s and also to see some friends for a night or two. I still have to book my next Bangkok flight (or similar), which will be towards the end of the month. And dent my bank balance even more.

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