Those last few things

Beans on Toast!

Mmmm... beans

I’ve managed to locate the Myanmar embassy in Phnom Penh which I’ll need to get a visa (or find out it’s too much bureacuracy to bother). For those interested, it’s on Norodom Boulevard – the same road as the Singaporean Embassy which is listed in the Lonely Planet. The Myanmar one is further north at number 181.

On the downside, I can’t get on to the Cambodian e-visa website as it appears to have vanished. Awkward as I need to update them as to my arrival time.

Checking on wikitravel. org I found there’s a bus direct to Trat from Suvarnabhumi Airport, which saves me 150 baht and an hour’s ride into the city. Handy. I also think I’ll stay on the Thai side of the border for a night or so and perhaps visit Ko Chang – by all accounts a beautiful little island.

In the meantime, I’ve been about as English as possible while staying with Andy. Watching football news on TV; roast beef and Yorkshires for dinner last night, beans on toast for lunch today; pub quiz and barmaid-learing at The Goldhawk until closing time… yeah, get it all out of the system before I head back out to Asia tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Those last few things

  1. I remember bar maid leering in Talinn that was particularly good. In an Irish theme pub owned by an Englishman from what I recall. I also hear Ko Chang is very nice.

  2. I will have to start taking pictures of all the bar staff I eye up, then. Maybe we could have a poll.

    I might do a night on Ko Chang, or just hire a bike and circle it in a day. Checked diving prices and it’s gone up from around 2000 Baht last year to around 3000 this. Add the crappy exchange rates to that… Ow.

    Still, not that bad. Hmm.

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