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Cabling Mess

Get rid of this!

Here’s one I just discovered. Everything comes with leads and cables these days. PSPs, cameras, laptops and so on. I’ve got a little section of my daybag that I use to store all these and one thing that’s infuriating is when you’re trying to pull one cable out, only to have the whole lot tangled together.

So – hint one is to reduce the number of cables. If you can get a set which has one cable and a collection of adapters to plug in the end, then that reduced the spaghetti somewhat.

In addition, find some small plastic bags. Ziplok or normal, it makes no odds. Just the ones that cables are often slipped inside when you buy the kit are good.

Fold each cable and keep them in one of these. That way when you pull the cable out, the headphone buds or USB plug on the end won’t catch on anything else. You only pull out the one you need.

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