Waiting for another flight

Sat at Brisbane Domestic airport and for those who are interested there is a free wi-fi hotspot at the train station outside. Within the station there’s an Optus signal that I can tell you without looking will be charged for. There’s also a Qantas one that I’ve connected to and seems to be live, but the signal’s too weak to be of any use.

As ever, I need to thank people – and it’s that awesome Belinda and Albert again. Guys, thanks once more for the use of the spare room and for dinner the other night (I bought dessert so I feel partially out of debt). See you next time!

To those I didn’t catch on this visit, I hope to see you again another time. I may be back in Bris in 2 weeks or so (very briefly) depending on what my next flight arrangements are. We shall see.

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