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Mmmm... comfy to fly in

Sweaty palms already, folks. I’ve booked my (return) flight to Bangkok and have pencilled in my other destinations in this little 2-month jaunt. I’ll be away for almost the entire of July and August, and hitting a few new places predominantly within countries I have already visited.

As ever, details are on the calendar (link always on the left of the main page)  and will be updated as and when I confirm flights and so forth. My main new destination, if I can figure out how to get there and away easily, will be East Timor. I’ve heard the diving’s amazing.

The basic plot is:

  • Go to Graspop with Marina and company
  • Return to London and set off to Bangkok the next morning
  • Work my way down to Kuala Lumpur, perhaps stopping off for some diving on the way
  • Meet up with the delectable Leah for a night before she flies to Oz
  • Somehow get to East Timor for a week or so
  • Meet up with Leah again in Bali and island-hope for 2 weeks until she has to head home
  • Work my way back to Bangkok to an eye operation (1 week stay in Bangkok)
  • A week or so in Vietnam to see somewhere new and to visit the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
  • Back to London, back to Scotland

I’m happy to say I’m flying Etihad again on the same schedule I booked at the start of the year. No, they’re not paying me. I’m just happy to recommend them as currently the cheapest deal going for the route I’m flying, and as the best carrier I’ve yet had long-distance. That’s personal experience speaking, not bribery!

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2 thoughts on “Booked!

  1. Cheers, Steve. If it’s any consolation I’m actually jealous of your time in Bamenda. As I’ve said, if it wasn’t for my other half I’d very much be planning on doing something similar.

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