And we’re off. Again. Almost.

I will be in a few hours anyway. I’ve been rather busy since getting back from Graspop (details when I get the time to type it all up) and I will be lucky to get four hours’ sleep before I have to be up for the walk to Hammersmith; the Tube to Heathrow; and my flight to Bangkok (via Abu Dabhi).

And then my flight to Ko Samui and my ferry to Ko Tao. I will be very relieved once I dump my bags at the Sunshine 2 Bungalow Resort on Wednesday afternoon!

Once more, a big thanks to Andy for putting me up / putting up with me for a night in London. I hope the scraps of the KFC bucket I left is enough for rent.

There may be a couple of tweets from the airport before I leave, and then we’ll see what access is like in Ko Tao. Catch you all from the islands!

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