It’s gone quiet here…

Yes, the page is pretty much on hold at the moment barring a few backdated posts I really should be working on. There will be more stuff on here as time goes on and I will be going to new, and returning to old, places.

But right now I’m residing in Scotland as I managed by some miracle to jump onto a PGDE Secondary course at Strathclyde University. It’s a one year course with a one year probationary year immediately afterwards. As a teacher I will get those nice long summer breaks which will allow me to get a decent foreign trip in!

Long term, I don’t know what will happen. I may opt to go straight onto a PGDE Primary course if the job market’s still slack in 2 years. I might get a really good offer and stay in the UK. I might remain here for a year or two working and then use that experience to get myself a job overseas – perhaps Bangkok or Hanoi.

Right now, my priority is to complete the course. Lifewise it’s to meet Ms Right and settle down, wherever that may be. Or to convince a Ms Right I already know that such is her surname and she’s just not realised it yet!

I guess we will see.

But in the meantime, I’d recommend you bookmark the page and check back once in a while; subscribe to my Twitter feed (not always family-friendly but I don’t go too overboard on it); or click on the RSS link and add me to your feed reader. That way when I add something new you won’t miss it.

Thanks for the company over the last 3-and-a-half years, people. It’s been a great ride and I look forward to seeing you all again soon for the next trip. Whenever that may be!

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2 thoughts on “It’s gone quiet here…

  1. Hey Mosh

    Congrats on getting on the course. What will you teach?

    You must be pleased with Newcastle’s start to the season. Who needs stability, a long term manager, a Messiah etc.etc?
    You probably saw we went to St James’ Park a few weeks ago. Impressive!

    Do keep us posted with the odd update on your antics.


    PS Do we have to call you Sir now?

  2. Thanks, Georgie. I’ll be specialising in Computing (what else?) but the way the system works up here in Scotland I can – once qualified – teach any subject that the head teacher of the school I work at deems me suitable for.

    Yeah, impressive start to the season and I do think Cardiff was one of our tougher challenges with them being play-off candidates last season. I’ve not had a chance to get to St James’ since I got back but I did get to catch some of the Leicester game.

    Updates will be available on “the other blog” though I will – of course – be keeping things vague as regards to exactly which schools I’m in and so forth. Very dodgy ground when you’re working with children these days.

    And you can call me Sir any time. Just make sure Mr Best doesn’t find out about our little meetings 😉

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