Northern England – part 2

Tapping up this quick entry in the abode of Tony & June in Durham, who I must thank for an awesome and huge home-cooked dinner!

Last night I stopped over with Steph C near Penshaw with her incredibly cute little kitty. He isn’t the spawn of Hell that she made him out to be, or it could be me doing my Dr Dolittle impression again. Given that he was fairly quiet, playful and slept all night cuddled up under my arm in the spare room instead of bothering Steph I think it’s me again.

We had dinner at the Country Park Inn and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re in the area. A decent regular menu and a huge specials board to choose from. Meals from £6 to £14 for the huge mixed grill. I settled on a pasta dish and finished off Steph’s chicken fajitas.

I also realised after I’d posted the previous entry that I forgot to give a shout out to Steve, my old neighbour (the nice one, not the chav who deserved disemboweling). Ta for the cuppas and the chat, fella. Stopped off for an hour, stayed for over four! He really helped to reaffirm how glad I am that I left Bradford, given the state the street has turned into in the meantime. Good luck with the house searching!

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