Quick weekend in London

Number 42 ticket barrier

One of 4 pics I took. I am sad.

It’s travel-related and I don’t want this blog to stagnate, so just to let you all know I do still get around a bit! Helen very kindly invited me down to London for the weekend and I managed to get a return for under £80 by air. Around the same price as the train with a much shorter travel time.

The flight down was with BMI who have a wonderful paperless system. Check in online and they SMS you a 2D barcode which is then scanned as your boarding pass. Only in my case it didn’t scan so I had to run downstairs again and pick up a paper one. Ah well. Nice idea in principle.

All on time and then just along the Picadilly Line to meet Helen, and grab a few drinks. As ever, I was pooched so it wasn’t a late night.

Saturday was spent in the city before we headed back to Helen’s in the evening where we had some friends round. More beers and then I was antisocial and crept off to bed early. I honestly think this teaching lark is taking a lot out of me!

That's more like it...

Om nom nom

On Sunday morning I was up moderately early (I woke at 7:30 both mornings, but realised it wasn’t a school day so could lie in!) and did some coursework while Helen caught up on sleep. Andy met us for lunch in the afternoon where we each enjoyed a traditional Sunday roast (with slightly underdone vegetables) before I legged it back to Heathrow for my return flight.

Despite checking in online I still had to get a boarding pass as British Airways don’t offer the paperless option. The machines refused to give me one as check-in had closed, despite the fact that I was checked in and just needed my boarding card! With 4 minutes to spare, I bounded through security (without shoes on – in case I was carrying a nuclear device in my knackered trainers, I guess) and then waited for my slightly delayed flight.

Free newspapers were grabbed as a drink and snacks downed. Not bad for a fiver – the actual cost of the flight before taxes were added!

And then back to one of my temporary abodes where I fretted over Monday’s lesson plans. A short break, but an enjoyable one. Thank you so much Helen for your hospitality and to Andy for lunch!

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