Doing nothing at all


Where's the winter sun, then?

Today I took the opportunity to do something I rarely do: nothing. Well, not exactly nothing but very little.

A lie in followed by a long read. A late – and large – full English breakfast. More reading. Some chilling, and then a bit of a relax.

Christina and I then decided to make the most of the gap in the clouds and walk over to Playa de las Américas. The weather wasn’t fantastic but I’ve seen worse in hotter countries. We just chatted, strolled, ate ice cream and sat on the beach for a while.

After a quick munch at McD‘s, Christina went to see about getting a little henna tattoo done but the girl who did the work didn’t bother to show up. So we walked back again. And sat and chilled and read books. Dinner was involved later and then an early night.

I don’t often relax. This was about as close as I get to it.

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