Siam Park… and the beginnings of a problem

Siam Park

A big sign and an old guy

Today’s excursion was to the large new water park opened a few months back – Siam Park. This is an oriental-themed water park with some pretty nifty rides, some decent places to eat and – I believe – the largest man-made waves in Europe.

We didn’t set off as early as we’d planned, but it did give us time for another hefty breakfast. Before I set off, I received a text from my aunt – “Heard on news that Globespan have gone bust. Who are you flying with? Mother worried”.

Guess who I was flying with? I checked online very swiftly and found that negotiations were underway and that Globespan were confident they’d get some cash through from their investors by the end of business. Nothing to worry about, storm in a tabloid.


So off we jolly-welled and got the free bus up to Siam Park.


We’d picked a good day as the rain from Tuesday and the overnight downpour had cleared the sky. Nice blue sunshine blazed down as we pattered around the park trying the rides. There are long slow ones, and scary big ones. Ones you go down in a tube by yourself, some in doublers and a couple in fours. They’re all pretty good fun.

There is also one ridiculously tall one that neither of us went on, mainly as it’s a 30 minute queue for a 9-second slide. Nah.

We spent a fair bit of time in the large pool at the top of the park with the aforementioned wave machine. For twenty minutes all is calm. Then for twenty more there’s a bit of rocking. Then in the twenty up to the hour, a gong chimes and a miniature tsunami is released with a roar every minute or two.

Seriously, it’s pretty impressive. It was the suddenness that surprised me. There’s a snort of released air and suddenly there’s a wave at the end of the pool travelling towards you. I’d love to know how they do it.

Mmm... beer

Even beer knows how to relax at Siam Park

We enjoyed lunch in the restaurant by the pool – I can recommend the overpriced but delicious red chicken curry. Very generous with the chicken, too. Then an hour or so sunbathing and listening to Steel Panther and giggling like schoolkids over their first copy of Viz. Well, they’re a silly band. Check this website to find out more.

All too soon it was time to head back on the free bus. A nice hot shower awaited to make my sunburn tingle before dinner at the attached restaurant.

Just in case, I checked further on the Globespan situation. It seemed ropey. Very ropey. But there were flights available on Friday I could move onto. I’d leave it overnight before booking something I might not need.

There are more of those rumours that we may have gone to a bar where karaoke may or may not have taken place.

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4 thoughts on “Siam Park… and the beginnings of a problem

  1. Actually they are the largest man made waves in the world… Thats why they are impressive… And stop going no about rumours… I hate video evidence for every night you were on the karaoke…!

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