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I’ve got a couple of weeks off for Easter and was originally hoping to spend the time abroad (again), with the Middle East being a target. I checked out Jordan, Syria and Lebanon but unfortunately the flight prices were out of my budget. This despite the fact that they don’t even alter much over the holiday period, unlike somewhere like Sharm-al-Sheikh which is around £400 a flight over Easter, and as low as £50 a couple of weeks later.
So I looked closer to home. Maybe round Europe.
Then closer still as I’ve not seen a few of my friends for some time. A rough draft was concocted, friends contacted and a tank of fuel for the car purchased. This is when I worked out that I may as well have got on an aeroplane as petrol in the UK is now floating just below £1.20 per litre. Ow.
I set off on Easter Monday after a Sunday seeing family and Leah. Down the A1 in moderately inclement weather to see Viv on Teeside. On the way I detoured through Newcastle. This is a weird kind of tradition for me. Whenever I head “home” I always drive over the Tyne Bridge. Don’t ask why, I always have – even when I was driving up from the south I would go up to the bridge, turn round and pop back down to Gateshead. It still gives me goosebumps when I see it again.
Viv’s always a joy to spend a couple of hours with, I was furnished with a nice lunch – and sandwiches to take with me to the football. Sweetheart! I finally got to see Kung Fu Panda as well. Not bad.
Tony & June had picked me up a ticket for the Sheffield United match at St James’ Park and Tony gave me (and my sandwiches) a lift up from there. Before kickoff we found that by dint of Forest drawing their game we would definitely be promoted. The players and manager took to the field to celebrate and we went on to win the game (unconvincingly, in honesty) 2-1.
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