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Greetings from Mumbai Airport – I’m not even going to try to spell it’s “proper” name. Free wifi aplenty, thankfully. I’ve got an hour before my connecting flight to Bangkok and have to say the first leg on Jet Airways was pretty enjoyable. As per reviews, their in-flight entertainment is a little dated but I still found plenty to watch.

By “dated”, it’s the content that’s slightly past it but the technology and facilities are top-notch and probably the best I’ve used on a plane. There were maybe 2 new films, and the rest were “classics” which were by no means a poor selection. It’s just that I’m such a film nut I’d seen most of them before. Plus, I wasn’t up for watching Goodfellas or Raging Bull in an “edited for in-flight” version with all the bad language dubbed!

As far as I can tell right now, my Bangkok flight is on time so I’ll be landing in Bangkok around 7am. I’ve “booked” a bus via Bell as, for some reason, you can’t just walk up to the counter at Bangkok Airport. You pay when you get there, but have to reserve a place in advance. This seems to be a recent things so could be to do with the current troubles. They charge 200 Baht to get to Pattaya, including a minibus drop-off at your hotel.

However, there’s also the government bus from the next stand which is 140 Baht or thereabouts and they do a drop-off about 250m away from where I’m staying, so I might just catch that one instead depending on when I arrive.

OK, email catchup. Next updates likely from wither Bangkok if I have the time or Pattaya when I get there.

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