Footie and films

Quick catchup. After several tours of Halong Bay, I’ve had 2 days of to recuperate. And I needed them.

Yesterday I stayed up till 4:00am to watch England be crap, then rose at 8:30am as I can’t sleep for more then 4 hours at present. I collared James, a chap from the US, and we went to see The A-Team at Vincom Towers, which was more enjoyable than it should have been.

The afternoon was spent catching up with you lot, followed by an early night.

Up at 7am today to ensure I could make it to the footie at Long Bien where the Blue Dragon kids have their weekly kickabout. A small turnout of 40 or so didn’t mar proceedings (almost everyone here stays up to watch the World Cup) and the under 14s were presented with a trophy from a local competition.

I took another backpacker, Sean, who was hugely impressed with the turnout and the work being done by BDCF. He chatted to Michael and Tho while I embarrassed myself on the pitch. Hey, I was barefoot. And I suck.

After a drink with the guys, Sean and I headed down to Vincom to catch The Karate Kid which was – like The A Team – far better than it had any right to be. We got back to the hostel in time for free beer then happy hour, followed by me typing this up before I head for bed.

Off to Halong Bay again in the morning and back on Wednesday!

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2 thoughts on “Footie and films

  1. Hi Iain,

    Living the life again I see! Amazing how many trips and wonderfull things you achieve in just a few years. Very impressed and a bit jealous I have to say. Looks like you’re doing really well and good to hear you are well on your way to realise your dream of becoming a teacher. Am planning a bit of trip myself, but will have to wait for a few months before I leave. All the best there!!!

    hug, Esther

    • Ah, you get to go to a wedding in Thailand that I will be missing! It’s *hard* work here, but very rewarding and great fun. Best bit is when you see 20+ people who didn’t know each other book trips together 3 days later as they’ve made so many new friends. Got about another 2 weeks left – just going to book my Bangkok flight now.

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