Merpati update

Don't! Fly Garuda instead

Don’t! Fly Garuda instead

A little over  a year ago, I had a pretty poor experience with the staff of Merpati Airlines in Indonesia. This morning I received a comment on the related blog post, claiming to be from a pilot with Merpati. It read:

you are a whinging f*ck…. get over it and pay the normal rate you idiot! If you prefer to not fly with Merpati, then you can swim…. no-one gives a f*ck about u!

From a very happy Merpati pilot :)

Note that the asterisks are mine.

It’s nice to know that the atrocious attitude, uncaring level of “service” and complete lack of politeness is not just limited to their office staff. It also extends out to the people who fly the aeroplanes themselves.

I could go on about how awful my experience of a guy in an office trying to rip me off was, but in a way I’m glad that “Capt Merpati” has pretty much proven that it wasn’t just my imagination, neither was it unfair to give the whole airline a bad write-up courtesy of a couple of muppets. It appears that it’s all of their staff.

Oh, and their planes are crap as well – at least the one I managed to eventually get onto. Which is probably because they trust “professionals” like Capt Merpati to fly them.

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