New plans!

Due to my change in circumstance (i.e. having a job and finding someone stupid enough to go out with me), backpacking is a little bit of a no-goer at the moment. Travelling, though, is still very much on the cards.

First up, the amazing Gillian is treating me to a long weekend in Venice for Valentine’s. I’ve been to Italy twice (once a quick visit to Rome, and again during The Walk when I covered the north west of the country by foot), but never seen this particular place. I’m very much looking forward to it and we’ll be there from February 12th to 15th.

Next, we’ll be taking the kids to Egypt at the start of July right after I finish work for summer. It’s only for a week and it’s a package tour but we will be aiming to fit in some diving and a trip to Luxor from our base in Sharm El Sheikh.

Plans are already afoot for a fortnight in Thailand in 2012. Assuming the Aztecs weren’t right and we’re all dead by then.

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2 thoughts on “New plans!

  1. When I did Sharm, we weren’t able to dive (long story), but one evening we did this astronomy in the desert thing which consisted of traditional food and then stargazing. I don’t know whether you’re going to be on the same package as we were and whether you’ll be presented with that as an option, but I really enjoyed it, so you might, too. 🙂

    • Sounds nice. A lot of the tours and activities on these things are available independently as well as via the tour company so you never know. Our main issue is childcare as Gill’s mum’s decided she wants a week to herself so she’s opted not to come with us. Will look at the options when we get there though!

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