Venice, here we come!

Mestre (Venice) Clock Tower

Mestre (Venice) Clock Tower - Image via Wikipedia

OK, getting ahead of myself by a day or so. Gill and I will be on a plane to Venice via Schipol on Saturday, coming back Tuesday night. I’ve been to Italy twice before (a couple of days in Rome, and hiking up the north west as part of the 1000 Mile Walk) – oh and a brief visit to a health spa through the Mont Blanc Tunnel when I was working in Chamonix.

However, this will be a first trip to the – I am told – gorgeous city/region of Venice. We’re staying on the mainland in an area called Mestre, right by the bus stop to get over the 5km bridge (Ponte della Libertà). I gather this is a little better than staying on the islands as there will be more chance of nightlife!

Anyway, reports as usual once we get there and so forth. The hotel has free wi-fi which I’ll be making full use of. It’ll be good to be somewhere new again, especially with such good company.

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  1. Since you’re staying in Mestre try a Spritz in a place in via Piave (the street just in front of the station) called Galliano it’s pretty peculiar but it’s a must-do!

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