Settling in and Making Plans

As I type this up, the first rain of our stay is pattering down on the roof of our little shack. I’m not too fussed as it’s still warm, Transformers Prime is on one of the 70-or-so channels and I’m keeping an eye on Niamh while ploughing through the Jack Reacher novel I picked up on the way here.

The wedding is booked, and all the extra arrangements around it have been sorted. We’re looking at 11am on Monday 22nd so all we need to do now is cross our fingers that it doesn’t decide to chuck it down then!

In the meantime, we’re making the most of the (generally) lovely weather and the all-inclusive food and drink. The quality of the food has varied from, at worst, acceptable right through to “would someone please swap my stomach with that of an elephant so that I can eat more of this?”. With a different spread each of three meals a day there’s been something for everyone, and the local beer is Red Stripe which isn’t bad in anyone’s book.

We picked a good time to come, it seems. There’s a celebration on this year and as a result many of the things that would normally be charged for are free – amongst these is internet access at the hotel. In addition, several of the excursions are reduced or offering free upgrades. Very handily, this includes two of the trips we definitely wanted to go on before we got here. So we’re booked for the Dolphin Experience, and will get ourselves sorted for the Blue Mountain bike trip and Dunn’s River Falls once Hans arrives.

Oh, and diving. I think we’re planning on doing that the afternoon after we get married 🙂

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