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Casa Olmata
Via dell’Olmata 36
Rome 00184
Phone: 0039 06483019
Stayed there: 20th and 21st July 2007
Rates: 20 Euro for the cheapest dorm bed

Another good one. I’ve been lucky with where I’ve picked. Note the provisos when you book this place regarding check-in times, age limits (32 years maximum – I snuck in) and minimum 2-night stay. It’s worth the extra night if you do want to pick here.
The staff were great and very friendly. I arrived early one morning and was handed a breakfast bag which I shouldn’t really have had as I’ve not even checked in properly. Good breakfast too – probably the best I’ve had at a hostel – fruit juice, cakes, sweets, bread, fresh fruit…
Nice small dorms are spread out all over this narrow but tall building. If you don’t like stairs then this would be a bad choice as I think there are six or seven floors including the rooftop – with a view over the Colosseum. Free sangria is served a few nights a week and cheap beer on others, making for a great “meet people” atmosphere.
As well as a map, you’re handed an info sheet for nearby facilities when you check in. Laundries, cybercafes, good places to eat and so on. Very nice.
The bathrooms were OK and cleaned regularly, though there weren’t too many given how many people were there. There’s no real kitchen as far as I’m aware but if you look carefully you’ll find one of the floors has a microwave and a fridge.
It’s impossible for a hostel in Rome not to be near something historic, and the Casa Olmata is as well placed as any. Less than 15 mins walk will get to you to Colosseum, 5 to the main railway station.

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