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Hotel Kanchanjungha
Above Sharma Travel
Stayed there: Feb 4th 2007
Rates: 250 Indian Rupees / 400 Nepalese Rupees for a twin with a squat toilet. 550NER if you want a western style toilet
For one night in a border town, this isn’t a bad place. We were slightly railroaded into staying here as the proprietor helped us book flights to Kathmandu when we arrived during some civil unrest. Basically, we couldn’t get the bus we wanted as the roads were all blocked.
We had to move rooms as the first one we got didn’t have a working lock on the door. We could lock ourselves in, but not lock it from outside! Thankfully, the hotel wasn’t full so a quick change was easy enough.
The beds were rather hard, but sleep-onable and the sheets seemed clean enough. The downstairs restaurant did a decent veg thali for 50NER
Locality-wise, you can’t be anything other than close to everything else in Kakarbhitta. There are about three streets!


Kathmandu Guest House
Phone: 4413632
Stayed there: Feb 5th 2007
Rates: Vary depending on room type and size – $2 to $60!
This is a lovely place. A garden/courtyard restaurant, large lounge/bar area with satellite telly, friendly staff, lovely wooden bannisters… It’s just pleasant and “lodgey”.
There are rooms for every budget and traveller type as well. We went for the “basic” room as it was all that was available. This was fine with two single beds, a sink, desk, cupboard and the like. Small, but perfectly good enough. There ae two classes below ours, the one immediately beneath being pretty much the same but with no sink.
The hotel is situated slap in the middle of the main market area, so you’re spoiled for choice regarding travel agents, shops, internet cafes and restaurants. Anything you could need is within walking distance.
Wireless internet is available at 60NRP per hour, though I’m not sure if this is “pay in advance” or “pay once used”. The going rate for a standard internet cafe nearby is around 25-30NRP per hour.
My stay in Kathmandu was a lot shorter than I’d intended as I came up with other plans, but I liked the place enough to already decide on a longer trip in the future. And I also know where I’ll aim to stay on my return.

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