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Orange Hostel
Dobrovicova 14
Bratislava 811 09
Phone: +421 908 567 092
Stayed there: 11th July 2007
Rates: 550 SKK (16.5 EUR) for a dorm up to 1800 SKK (54 EUR) for a single room

Pretty mixed on this one. It is the cheapest hostel in Bratislava, so bear this in mind.
I was the first person to check in on their first day open. The premises look like university halls converted for use as a hostel during summer months so they’re all very “schooly”.
Staff were helpful and knew the area well. The room I got was fine except for the lack of curtains on the windows. I don’t mind showing my tushy to the world, but the world may have another opinion! There were four beds, all singles, and huge lockers to store stuff in if you wanted. One problem is the lack of keys, though – only one per dorm. So if someone goes out and forgets to hand the key in at reception, you’re locked out.
The showers were dinky little cubicles in a setup like a swimming pool, but the water was really hot and deluged out. Top notch given the hot, sticky weather outside. The toilets, however, smelled and looked like a vandalised park loo. And you needed to supply your own paper…
There’s an attached cafe which serves mainly pizza and the servings are generous to say the least. Beer and soft drinks are very reasonably priced and they sell all the other stuff you might need like toothpaste and the aforementioned loo roll.
As ever, I reckon you get what you pay for. The only real thing wrong with this place was the loos and possibly the lack of curtains.

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