Northern England Part 3

Yarm fair 5

Bright spinny thing!

Or part 4 if you include the match at Gateshead Stadium on Saturday.

Not a whole lot to add apart from that I had – as ever – a wonderful relaxing time with the lovely Viv over the weekend. Good grub (KFC and spag bol!), great company, good fun and always a complete chill out. I hope I was as good a guest as she want a host.

On the Friday I popped over and watched a couple of films until Viv was out of work. I helped with a bit of housework before we went out to the fair in nearby Yarm. I was fed candy floss and then KFC on the way home before we opened the wine and watched some telly.

Saturday was match day (Gateshead live then Newcastle on the box) followed by more beer and some coursework for me!

On Sunday I enjoyed the four hour drive up to Perth to see my folks. The A1 is looking nice these days, especially around Berwick. A little mean of the Scots, though, as there’s a speed camera northbound about 200 yards past the border. Right as the dual carriageway shrinks to single lane so there’s every chance you’re trying to get past a slow-moving vehicle.

More ironic is the sign above the road which when I passed it read “Frustration Kills”. Yet the camera stops you getting past the truck you’ll be stuck behind for the next 15 miles, thus creating frustration!

Other than that, still a beautiful drive up through more lovely countryside. Definitely a route I’d recommend to tourists with their own transport. Quite a few things to stop off and see on the way as well – watch out for the big brown “tourist attraction” signs.

Home for food and to drop stuff off, then over to Glasgow to see Kat and catch up on telly.

Overall a pretty relaxed week away, and my last for some time due to university workload.

Again, I’d like to say “thanks” to everyone who gave me a bed/sofa for the night, fed me, watered me and was overall just darn good company! Cheers, people!

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