I is moving on (at last)

Map of Semporna

This time tomorrow I’ll be in Semporna and on an EFR (Emergency First Response) course. I finally caught Vincent early enough in the day to get it all booked up. I just need to ensure I have a seat on the overnight bus and somewhere to stagger into at 4:30am when I arrive.

Not a lot else to report. I had fruit for the first time in ages yesterday after a walk to the central market for some lunch. I gave up asking prices when everything turned out to be “one ringgit“. Rose apples, star fruit, watermelon, oranges, bubble tea… Good stuff. I also intended to use the restaurant downstairs for dinner, but they were closed (it being a Sunday) so I won’t challenge you too much to guess where I ended up instead.

I gather Semporna doesn’t have a KFC. This is a good thing.

So to all those I’ve been nattering to on MSN until the early hours, I’ll catch you again when I do – use my email instead! The current plan is to return to Kota Kinabalu once I’ve done my Rescue Diver and (hopefully) been amazed by Semporna. But you know how my plans change… The only other thing that’s looking likely is a return to Vietnam around the middle of September to visit Hanno who’s working at a Primate Research place near Ninh Binh. Dependant on availability (of good weather and tourists), I may also work as a tour guide in Hanoi for the remainder of my visa.

We shall see!

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