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It’s always difficult to categorise stuff like this, so I hope these ones are easy enough to browse through. I’ve found all the links useful at some point or another. Some will take you to sites that require registration to make the most of them. I can guarantee that none of them will result in spam, and none of them will be after your cash (except the obvious ones like airlines!). As with all the pages, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. See the sidebar for contact details.

Where possible and necessary I’ve linked to the English-language version of each site.

Places | Organisations | Activities | Accommodation | Financial | Cheap flight searches | Transport | Contacts/Info


Good sites relating to general information on a place or area.

  • Bhutan Trails – tour company we used to visit Bhutan [seem to have vanished off-line. Shame]
  • Into Asia – information on many Asian countries
  • Best Singapore Vacation – a wealth of information on the island nation
  • Stewart Island – accommodation, transport and info on this small island off the south of NZ


Charities, foundations and other organisations you can help or volunteer for.


Things to do when you get there!


Guides on places to stay, how to find them and easy booking. Some of these will also give a decent discount based on the “at the counter” price.

  • My Accommodation Page – listing everywhere I’ve stayed on my trip including prices and contact details
  • AsiaRooms – Asia region only and mainly hotels, but worth checking for some good savings
  • Hostelbookers – Search for, check availability of and pre-book hostels worldwide. No fees charged
  • Hostelling International – tied to the YHA
  • – More hostels
  • Hostelworld – Same as above, but with different hostels and a small commission fee


Work out how much all this is costing you and how to get that cash out.

Cheap flight search engines

I’ve listed a load of these and it’s worth checking them all for the area you’re flying within. None is better than any other, but they all have different searches of different airlines. Often you can look at three, then checking a fourth will give you an enormous saving.

  • eDreams – Link removed. See this post for the reason why
  • Expedia – Covers major carriers and routes, sometimes cheaper than booking direct with the carrier
  • Flightcentre (Oz) – easiest way to check the three main Oz air carriers
  • FlightChecker – search engine for budget flights to/from the UK
  • IWantThatFlight – similar to Flightcentre but only covers the main 4 carriers in Oz
  • Kayak – worldwide budget flights
  • Sidestep UK – superb checker for many flight providers, even obscure routes within Europe
  • Sidestep US – same site as above with prices in US dollars
  • Skyscanner – multiple airline flight checker for Europe
  • WhichBudget – catches a lot of budget airlines the others miss


Local, national and international transport organisations.


  • Egged – Israeli national bus service
  • Eurolines – European bus tickets
  • Knight Rider (NZ) – overnight bus service from Christchurch to Invercargill
  • NADICORP – intra- and inter-city buses in Malaysia




Friendship / Contacts / Travel Info

More or less a “miscellaneous” section, but lots of general information to be gathered from this lot.

  • – a global network of likeminded people who may well offer you a spare room or a couch to sleep on. Also great for chatting and finding out information about other places.
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office – travel advice by country
  • LOCATE – a free safety service offered to British travellers by the Foreign Office
  • Lonely Planet – discussion groups and forums are worth checking out for information
  • Mango Languages – Free online language courses, covering the basics
  • Project Visa – lists visa regulations for every country
  • Travel Doctor – superb resource regarding pre-travel jabs, medication and so on
  • Wikitravel – Free and up-to-date travel information
  • World Travel Guide – tons and tons of information on virtually every country

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