Accommodation Guide

On this page, I’ll give some information on the places I’ve stayed while traveling.

Particularly around Asia, getting good accommodation can be a nightmare as everyone is trying to undersell everyone else, some are trying to rip you off and some are undiscovered gems. I’ve been lucky on my travels (to date), so I thought I’d put this page up for others’ use.

Note that my idea of “good enough” is if somewhere fulfills the following conditions:

  1. No threat to my health. This includes rampant insect infestation, slimy walls or furniture with huge nails sticking out
  2. Somewhere to wash that’s fitting for the surroundings. That is, if I’m paying $3 a night and the shower’s only lukewarm, but the ambient temperature is 30 degrees, that’s fine
  3. Secure. I can leave my things in my room and expect them to be there when I return, whether they’re on my bed (in a private room) or in a safe locker (in a dorm)

Bonuses include cleanliness (I’ll put up with “scruffy” but don’t want to have to ask the cockroaches to move over so I can get into bed), friendly staff and other extras. There’s no ratings scheme – I’ll just tell you what I thought about a place. Everyone has their own “scale” of what’s important, so just read and enjoy.

I hope you find this lot useful.

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